National Electoral Strategy with DSA National's Eric Wimer

Join us for trainings by DSA National’s Eric Wimer!

Eric Wimer is DSA’s Regional Organizer for California, New England, and Hawaii. He will be in Los Angeles this weekend and will be giving us the benefit of his knowledge and experience in two trainings on Saturday June 8. The first training at 11am is:


DSA’s National Electoral Strategy

Democratic Socialism has been gaining momentum at the ballot box across the country. But how does DSA avoid the pitfalls of past leftist movements who have either dissipated or been absorbed into the Democratic Party? Eric Wimer explains how DSA can use electoral projects as a tool for base building and growing the strength of our organization. Find out what has been working for other chapters across the county.

Saturday June 8


UTLA, 3303 Wilshire Boulevard, room 815


Will you come?