Building a Mass Movement with DSA National's Eric Wimer

Join us for training by DSA National’s Eric Wimer!

Eric Wimer is DSA’s Regional Organizer for California, New England, and Hawaii. He will be in Los Angeles this weekend and will be giving us the benefit of his knowledge and experience in two trainings. The second of the two trainings will be on Saturday June 8th at 4pm and the subject is:


Building a Mass Movement

What is a mass socialist organization? Why is base building so important and what are some tools we can use to achieve it? How do we translate theory into mass action? If you are new to DSA looking to get oriented or if you are a seasoned organizer, this presentation is a great way to get a bird’s eye view of our organization nationally.


Saturday June 8


UTLA, 3303 Wilshire Boulevard, room 815


Will you come?