Elect Local Officers At Annual Convention

Proposed By: Brandon Rey Ramirez & Jack Suria Linares

Article VIII: Local Officers Section 1. Officers, Elections, and Terms

Section 1.

The Local shall annually elect a Recording Secretary, Communications Director, Treasurer, YDSA Coordinator, and six (6) at-large members of the Steering Committee at the Annual Convention. (Beginning in 2019)

Article VII: Local Officer Elections

Section 2. Elections

Election for Local Officers shall be held at the Annual Convention followed by two weeks of transition between the previous Officers’ terms. Elections shall be run by secret ballot. If a position is uncontested, the nominee will be declared elected by acclamation. The term of office for any Local Officer shall be one year and start after the two weeks of transition.


The amendment to Article VIII fits into our internal organizing and infrastructure priorities because it pushes the body of the LA chapter to become engaged in political debate as representation through Steering becomes a reality. This will help build organizational structures where the body actively endorses their favorite candidates and the Convention can become an area that represents the large membership of Los Angeles that focuses on representing the socialist ideal and welcoming community that supports all members.

The amendment to Article VII further lays out details of the logistics for transitioning. It fits with our internal organizing and infrastructure that maintains its strength to the rest of the ByLaws.