DSA-LA Socialist Day School

DSA-LA’s Political Education Committee is excited to invite all DSA-LA members and DSA-curious folks to a SOCIALIST DAY SCHOOL on November 10th-11th! The event will run from 6:30-9:30PM on the 10th and from 9:30AM-4:00PM on November 11.

Modeled after NYC’s Socialist Day School, this event promises the opportunity for new and seasoned socialists alike to come together for engaging speakers and discussion with comrades on topics like:

  • What is Socialism? Can it replace capitalism?
  • How have people struggled for socialism in U.S. history?
  • What have been their victories and their defeats, and what can we learn from their stories?


  • Opening Remarks on “What is Socialism? Reform and Revolution” 

    • with Suzi Wiessman, Professor of Politics at Saint Mary’s College of California and KPFK, with Robert Brenner, Professor Emeritus of History at UCLA and Director of the Center for Social Theory and Comparative History.

  • The Debs Era through the 1930s: Mass Disruption and the Logic of Social Change

    • Learn about a critical period of American socialist history from journalist and DSA-LA member Natalie Sure alongside Nelson Lichtenstein, noted author, Distinguished Professor of History at University of California Santa Barbara and Director of the Center for the Study of Work, Labor, and Democracy.



  • Political Lessons from the Civil Rights and Anti-War Movements

    • Join organizers and activists from the Black Panthers, Brown Berets, United Farm Workers, and more, to discuss struggles and lessons from the civil rights and anti-war movements with an emphasis on Los Angeles history. 


  • Rank-and-File Rebellion: Socialists and Labor Militancy in the 1970s and Beyond

    • Organizers and activists discuss a range of militant tactics employed in the auto industry and Hollywood in the 1970s and their implications and influence on how we approach agitating at the workplace today.
  • Social Democracy in the Shadow of Reagan: The Early Days of DSA

    • DSA-LA member Gabe Gabrielsky and comrades exchange perspectives and discus the origins of DSA--specifically its two predecessor organizations (the Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee (DSOC)), and the New American Movement (NAM).
  • The Next Left: The Tasks of Socialists in a Turbulent World

    • Carley Towne of DSA-LA and Michael Bray of Socialist Alternative share their perspectives and discuss strategies to expand our collective imagining of what’s possible and how to build mass power in the 21st century. 
Child watch and lunch will be available on site on Saturday, and public transit & carpooling to the venue is strongly encouraged!

No one will be turned away from the event due to lack of funds, but donations (at the various levels detailed below), are strongly encouraged: 

  • $5.45: donation to cover basic attendance
  • $10.60: donation to cover attendance + a nurturing lunch
  • $15.75: sustaining donation: covers attendance, lunch, and basic attendance for a comrade
  • $25: Open donation: any additional funds raised will support printing, coffee, and any manner of surprise treats to be unveiled at the Day School.
  • Free: Low income tickets – please RSVP on this page
  • Parking is extremely difficult around the Socialist Day School venue (the First Unitarian Church in Koreatown). As such, we strongly advise that you take public transportation (there is a nearby Red Line stop at Wilshire/Vermont), park-and-ride, or share a cab with comrades.
  • If you do plan to drive, we recommend that you drive to a Red Line station--park your car there, and then take the train a few stops to the Wilshire/Vermont station. 
  • To help you plan your trip, we've put together the following resources:

Will you come?

$25.00 Additional Donation

Includes a ticket with lunch, and additional funds raised will support printing, coffee, and any manner of surprise treats to be unveiled at the Day School.

$15.75 Sustaining Donation

Covers attendance, lunch, and attendance for a comrade.

$10.60 Ticket with lunch

Covers attendance and a nurturing lunch

$5.45 Basic Ticket

Covers attendance, with no lunch.