DSA-LA’s 2019 National Convention NPC Candidate & Delegation

Our election to decide whether or not to nominate Maikiko James for the National Political Committee and to choose Los Angeles delegates for the 2019 DSA National Convention has completed, and the results are in:


Congratulations to Maikiko, who has secured our chapter’s nomination for the NPC! If elected, Maikiko will serve on the committee for the 2019-2021 term. All candidates to the NPC must be nominated by a majority vote of a chapter, organizing committee, national committee, national working group, or the AFROSOC-POC caucus, and Maikiko has done just that, having received 71.62% of the vote, in favor, from our chapter. The vote breakdown can be seen here.


Congratulations also, to our 47 elected delegates! They are as follows, by order of approval votes received:

  1. Maikiko J
  2. Francisco C
  3. Tal L
  4. Charles D
  5. Brandon R R
  6. Jack S L
  7. Sydney G
  8. Shelby L
  9. Arielle S
  10. Gabe G
  11. Liz H
  12. Olivia E G
  13. Tej B
  14. Alex W
  15. Erika A
  16. Steve C
  17. Ariadne L
  18. Eric P
  19. Angel M. C
  20. Max B
  21. Daniel D
  22. Alex W
  23. Sergio D
  24. Paloma N
  25. David Q
  26. Nick B
  27. Ezra P
  28. Mark M
  29. Amy C
  30. Paul K
  31. Jordan E
  32. Ryan A
  33. Aaron W
  34. Melissa A
  35. Barry E
  36. Greg G
  37. Joanna S
  38. Kyle G.
  39. Scott C
  40. Gabriela N F
  41. Zev F
  42. Joshua S
  43. Michael S
  44. Katrina B
  45. Mason M
  46. Michael M
  47. Andrew R P


For the delegate election, we had 69 comrades running for the 47 spots allotted to us by National. 235 ballots were cast in total. A detailed voting breakdown can be seen here.


(Note: If any of these delegates are not able to attend, they will be replaced by alternates, in descending order of approval votes received.)


Thank you to all who have participated in the convention preparation process so far! Please look out for more ways to help our chapter prepare, like helping our delegates get to the convention via our chapter’s Delegate Fund.<-- <-- <--

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