DSA-LA Local Officer Candidate Forum

All DSA-LA members are encouraged to attend the Candidate Forum from 3-6pm on Saturday, November 18 at UTLA (3303 Wilshire Blvd., 10th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90010). Candidates will be participating in a Question and Answer session, then members will have the opportunity to express their experiences and opinions regarding candidates. If you cannot attend the Forum or would prefer to remain anonymous, please submit your comments about candidates to elections@dsa-la.org.
For the Q&A portion of the Forum, the Nominations Committee will be accepting suggestions for questions to be asked of candidates. Please send your suggestions to elections@dsa-la.org or submit them via this form before the Forum on November 18
Voting will begin on Sunday, November 19 and will end on Sunday, November 26. The six At Large positions will be voted on using the Borda Ranking System, wherein members rank candidates in order of preference. The six candidates with the highest combined ranking votes will be elected. All other contested positions are between two candidates and so will be decided by single votes, wherein the candidates with the plurality of votes will be elected. Communications Director is uncontested and the candidate will be declared elected by acclamation. All candidate statements can be found here
The forum will be preceded by a New Member Orientation run by our Membership Committee at 2:00PM.

Will you come?