DSA-LA is Choosing New Leadership

Every year, DSA-LA comes together to vote for a new Steering Committee and Branch Coordinators to help lead the chapter.  Voting is now open and will remain open until 11:59pm PST on Saturday, December 21st.


You will be voting on the following Local Officer positions: six at-large members of Steering Committee, one Communications Director, one Treasurer, and two Westside Branch Coordinators. 


You can vote for one of the two candidates for Communications Director and we are using ranked-choice (modified Borda Count) for the Steering Committee, Treasurer, and Westside Branch Coordinators positions. The officer positions of Recording Secretary, YDSA Coordinator, Central Branch Coordinator, and Valley Branch Coordinator have been elected by acclamation. 



Some key resources:

Our blog post, detailing the voting system, the positions, and election timelines  

Steering Committee candidate statements

Branch Coordinator candidate statements

Candidate Forum video recording and written responses

Member statements or endorsements of candidates (will be updated throughout the voting period