DSA-LA Endorses Loraine Lundquist for City Council

Loraine Lundquist has supported DSA-LA’s work and now we’ve voted to support her in the election for City Council District 12! The primary is on June 4, 2019.

Loraine has her Ph.D. in physics from UC Berkeley. She served as a Science and Technology Policy Fellow at the National Academy of Sciences and a research scientist at Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. She teaches courses on environmental, economic, and social sustainability at Cal State Northridge.

Loraine is a fixture in the local climate justice community. She’s been a leader in the fight to close the dangerous and defective Aliso Canyon natural gas facility. She supported Measure B to bring public banking to LA. Loraine’s highest priority is bringing a Green New Deal to Los Angeles, modeled in part after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s plan.

Loraine is an advocate for the homeless in her position on her neighborhood council and as the founder of the West Valley alliance on homelessness. She stood with renters in her support for Prop 10.

Loraine is a union member and a teacher. She supported the UTLA strike.

Loraine is a parent and advocate for immigrants. She supports our work to Keep Families Together.

She has received numerous endorsements including that of the National Union of Healthcare Workers and the LA Times.

This campaign offers DSA-LA an opportunity to make inroads with the working class of City Council District 12, an area that is unfortunately underrepresented in our chapter. Through this campaign, there is ample opportunity for future coalition building. Due to the limited timeframe until the primary on June 4, we will be encouraging member attendance to the Lundquist campaign's canvasses and getting out the vote on social media.

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