DSA-LA Candidate Forum

The format of the forum will be primarily Questions fielded from the membership instead of prepared statements from the candidates, so we recommend that you read the candidate bios on the website [link to statements here] before the forum begins. We will have index cards on which you can write questions that can be used by the facilitator.

Each individual position will have its own individual session - for Young Democratic Socialists (YDS) Coordinator, Treasurer, and Communications Secretary. Another general question session will be held for all Steering Committee candidates.

When all the candidate sessions are over they will be asked to leave the room. The floor will then be open for any DSA-LA member to step forward and speak to their experiences working with each candidate. Similar to the candidate sessions, members who want to speak are requested to write down on an index card their name as well as the candidate for whom they are speaking.

We hope that you will be able to participate in this historic event for our chapter.

Ballots will be made available to members by email (or by mail if we don’t have your email address).

Candidate Profiles & Election Info Here

Will you come?