Statement On The 7.13.17 East LA Sherriff's Statement Shut Down

Members of DSA-LA and the ICE out of LA coalition shut down the East LA Sheriff’s Station for three hours on Thursday evening to demand that LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell end his policy of cooperating with ICE as well as his opposition to SB54, California’s “Sanctuary State” bill. Dozens of activists and community members converged on the Belvedere Park LASD station chanting “ICE out of LA!” and “End ICE collaboration! No more deportations!”

Six courageous members of DSA-LA were able to make their way inside the station before the sheriffs chained the doors shut. For the next three hours they sat in the lobby with linked arms and delivered their demands to the officers in the station. Outside, the crowd held rallies at both main entrances of the station. LASD officers barricaded their driveway in the face of the protesters, who were not intimidated by the lines of armed sheriffs in riot gear. During the action, this station was totally shut down and no officers or patrol cars were able to enter or leave.

Although this action totally disrupted normal operation of the LASD station for several hours, the Sheriffs were afraid to go in and start arresting demonstrators – even the ones who took over the lobby inside – out of fear of sparking a community backlash.

After about three hours of rallies, chanting, and occupying the station’s lobby, the protesters inside the building emerged to greet a triumphant crowd. DSA-LA and the ICE out of LA coalition delivered a message to Sheriff Jim McDonnell today – our communities will not tolerate any more collaboration between ICE and law enforcement! And we’ll be back!