Description of Officer Roles


Coordinators will serve a one-year term until January 2021. At least two Branch Coordinators may be elected for each of the three Branches (Central, Valley and Westside), for a total of at least six Branch Coordinators.



Those officers shall be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that Branch meetings occur,
  • Facilitating relationship-building among Branch members, 
  • Initiating geography-focused recruitment
  • Facilitating Branch meetings, and
  • Determining the content of the Branch business portion of the agenda.

Branch officers will also work in consultation with the Steering Committee to appoint additional positions as needed.



The Steering Committee will serve a one-year term until January 2021. The Steering Committee is comprised of a Recording Secretary, Communications Director, Treasurer, and six At-Large Members. 

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary will be responsible for:

(a) the taking of minutes of all Steering Committee meetings, and shall have custody of these minutes, and resolutions, reports and other official records of the Local.

(b) ensuring that key decisions and meeting minutes are available to members of the Local.

(c) maintaining detailed and accurate membership records in coordination with the Membership Committee, as well as Local bylaws and official Local organizational policies.

(d) coordinating with Local Subgroups to receive records of key debates and decisions

(e) transferring all records to their successor at the end of their term.


Communications Director

The Communications Director will be responsible for:

(a) Coordinating public-facing statements from the Local, including but not limited to the DSA-LA website, social media, and blog.

(b) Coordinating regular internal email newsletters and announcements.

(c) Coordinating a Communications Committee that includes representatives from each Local Subgroup in the Local, to ensure that both external and internal communications accurately represent work done across all of the Local’s groups.



The Treasurer will be responsible for the funds and financial records of the Local. All funds collected by the Local will be turned over to the Treasurer, who shall deposit them in a bank account under the name of the Local.In cooperation with the Communications Secretary, the Treasurer will be responsible for ensuring that membership dues are paid up-to-date. The Treasurer will prepare the annual Local budget, and deliver the Local financial report to the Annual Convention of the Local, as well as periodic progress reports as requested by the Steering Committee of the Local.


At-Large Steering Committee

At-large officers of the Local serve as members of the Steering Committee and are responsible for ensuring all Steering Committee work is executed in accordance with the Local’s Mission and Organizational Priorities.


The Steering Committee’s duties shall include:

(a) Facilitating and planning meetings of the Local at least six times annually, including the Annual Convention, with Branch Coordinators as appropriate, and acting on behalf of the organization between meetings.

(b) Accepting proposals and facilitating votes for updates to the Local Mission Statement, Organizational Priorities, and Bylaws.

(c) Ensuring that the Communications Coordinator, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer have sufficient resources and help to perform their duties, including empowering and overseeing fundraising and communications committees.

(d) Evaluating proposals and analyses in accordance with Article VI.

(e) Overseeing Local communication and coordination with other DSA Locals and responsibilities to DSA National

(f) Facilitating coordination between Local Subgroups and ensuring that all projects are executed in keeping with the Local-wide Mission Statement and Organizational Priorities and with decisions made by the membership.

(g) Drafting and executing Local administrative policy in accordance with the Local Organizational Priorities to ensure the smooth working of the Local

(h) Requesting and receiving regular reports from all Local Subgroup Coordinators

(i) Advising Local Subgroups on policy issues and proposing activities to the general membership

(j) Publishing an annual report describing the projects, finances, accomplishments, and setbacks of the previous year and setting forth the plans and goals for the Local in the coming year.

(k) Calling emergency meetings of the membership as needed, in accordance with Article IV, Section 3.



Though elected by the chapter, the YDSA Coordinator is not a member of the DSA-LA Steering Committee. The YDSA Coordinator shall be responsible for maintaining a network of coordinators and representatives from YDSA Locals across Los Angeles, as well as extending that network to include nearby regional DSA and YDSA Locals. They shall be responsible for ensuring that YDSA Locals have abundant avenues to work in solidarity with the Local’s work, as well as to request resources and support from the Local for YDSA Local-led campaigns and initiatives.

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