Become A Delegate For The National Convention!

The DSA National Convention is August 3-6 in Chicago and our chapter is beginning its process for selecting delegates.


How to become a DSA-LA delegate:

  • Our chapter has 32 delegate positions and delegates must be in good standing, having paid dues to national.

  • In order to become a candidate for delegation, each applicant must get an endorsement from a committee or working group co-chair and three endorsements from other chapter members. Candidacy Submission Form is here,and deadline to submit submit to be a candidate is midnight June 19th.

  • Once a list of eligible candidates is compiled, chapter members will be able to vote online or by paper ballot--voting will close on midnight June 24th.


Convention Costs and Registration Fee Info:

  • Registration fee information is lined out here, with Early Bird Registration closing on July 5th.

  • Information on applying for discounts for different travel options as well as information on travel share can be found here.

  • Delegates can apply for a convention scholarship here. Deadline to apply for the scholarship is July 7th.


Responsibilities for delegates and for our chapter before heading to the convention:

  • The DSA Los Angeles chapter will have a forum June 24th at our chapter meeting to settle on 3 campaign resolutions and 3 political resolutions that will be reviewed by the national committee in advance of the National Convention.

  • A final list of resolutions, based on national submissions and a national committee voting process, will be compiled and sent back to our chapter delegates. Delegates will prioritize importance of resolutions based on chapter-wide decisions made at our July chapter meeting.



At the National Convention:

  • DSA-LA delegates will have the opportunity to talk and debate freely at the convention, but are expected to represent the decisions of the chapter during the voting process.

  • DSA-LA delegates will be expected to represent a consensus made by the LA chapter on proposed resolutions; on resolutions where there is a considerable divide or no consensus, the delegates are expected to represent candidates and resolutions proportional to the chapter decision. (example: a 30%, 60% split on a resolution or candidate will be represented as such by our delegation)

  • Delegates are expected to communicate if they wish to stray from chapter consensus.



There are several things delegates will vote on at the convention:


  • National Campaigns – These are issue-oriented campaigns and action items, that national will direct its resources toward. (example: Universal Healthcare, Minimum Wage Increase, Voting Rights)

  • Political Resolutions -  These are resolutions to determine our political position at a national level. Though not a requirement for members to abide by. (example: Supporting BDS, Supporting Black Lives Matter, etc)

  • Affiliation with the Socialist International – There will a be discussion and vote on this at the convention.


For any questions about the delegate election process or for more convention info email