Rude Awakening for Eric Garcetti: Why We Crashed the Mayor’s Mansion

This Saturday morning Los Angeles’s occasional mayor, Eric Garcetti, was rudely awoken by a contingent of DSA Los Angeles members who were — and still are — truly disgusted with his conduct and recent statements. Even though he identifies as the “tip of the spear” of the resistance, Garcetti’s positions on many issues is closer to Trump than it is to his own set of alleged progressive values. Under Eric Garcetti’s leadership, White Supremacy continues to reign in Los Angeles.

Led by members of the Housing and Homelessness Committee and NOlympics LA, the group protested outside the Mayor’s mansion in Windsor Square and called out Garcetti for a litany of toxic policies, statements, and positions he’s recently rolled out regarding housing, homelessness, criminalization, and immigration:

Garcetti doesn’t care about the unhoused
He wants to criminalize sleeping on the sidewalk in the American city with the most people sleeping on the streets. On Friday, June 22 Garcetti told the LA Times he wanted to reinstate the ban on sleeping on the sidewalks in Los Angeles between 9pm and 6am, claiming that enough supportive housing and shelter beds are available so that sleeping on the streets is no longer necessary. This move to further criminalize some of our most vulnerable residents is disgusting and a clear dog whistle to his masters — developers, tech barons, and the LAPD — that he is on their side. It also comes after LA Times revealed that voter-approved funds for the construction of 10,000 permanent supportive housing units for the unhoused — which Garcetti continues to brag about as a signature accomplishment — are now drastically less than originally promised. In an attempt to distract from this and appease his masters, Garcetti is now pushing for the immediate construction of ‘Bridge Housing’ — a deceptive name for more temporary shelters which historically have strict rules and separate family members. Attached to this 20 million dollar shelter plan is an additional 29 million for more police and sanitation sweeps of unhoused Angelenos — a population which continues to be disproportionately Black and increasingly Latinx. It is a plan that has nothing to do with housing the homeless, and everything to do with criminalizing and erasing the homeless from sight.

Garcetti ensures LA is not a sanctuary city
By aiding federal and local law enforcement, Garcetti enables the deportation machine while pretending to be an ally of immigrants.Garcetti recently traveled to the Texas border for photo opps claiming he wants to #KeepFamiliesTogether, yet he has never pushed for Los Angeles to be a true sanctuary city. Instead, he’s allowed ICE and other federal law enforcement agencies to coordinate with local law enforcement throughout his entire tenure. This includes LAPD sharing intelligence with ICE via the CalGang database system, and allowing ICE access to LA jails. Later on the same day we protested and urged him to make LA a true sanctuary city, Garcetti spoke at the immigration rally downtown and proved that he doesn’t want to abolish ICE or stop their coordination with law enforcement in LA. Instead, while members of DSA-LA and other groups drowned him out in boos and chants of "ICE out of LA," Garcetti declared he doesn’t want to abolish ICE and other agencies. He just wants ICE to “do its job,” which is an unacceptable and inhumane position in general but especially for an area with 800,000 undocumented people. He also will support taking money from Trump's DHS for the racist Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) program.

Garcetti is a cop
Garcetti recently hired a new murderous police chief to take over for the last murderous police chief, ensuring no meaningful reform to come internally for what is arguably the most militant, most heavily funded, and most corrupt American police department. As President of City Council in 2006, he backed then LAPD Chief Bill Bratton’s Safer Cities Initiative which dramatically increased the criminalization and harassment of Skid Row residents, effectively making it the most policed community in the world. He endorsed the roll back of three decades of police reform last year, props up a DA who will never prosecute a killer cop, and still governs over the largest group of incarcerated people on the planet. He travels to Texas to shed crocodile tears for children locked in ICE cages while families and entire communities continue to be torn apart and locked in cages throughout Los Angeles.

These points demonstrate whom Eric Garcetti is truly working for. It’s not the unhoused. It’s not the undocumented. Or people of color. Or the “middle class” and small business owners. He serves the status quo: the obscenely wealthy and the police state enlisted to protect them. He has even referred to himself as “true partners” with Donald Trump, with our Democrat mayor willing to work with the Trump administration to extract favors from each other. “Leverage us and we’ll leverage you.

Our Saturday of disruption was the first in a wave of actions which will expose his and other elected officials’ complete disregard for human life and dignity. They all exist to profit by holding up a truly broken system, and we know profound change is imminent as leftists across the country are taking back control of their communities. Because they value profit over people, these Democrats are in most cases no better than their Republican counterparts.

We won’t rest until ICE and every other fed is run out of LA, every Angeleno has options of where to sleep, being poor is decriminalized, and we’ve created a path to divest and disarm local law enforcement. We’ll ensure these politicians are pushed towards these positions or are run out of public life to make space for candidates who are actually willing to govern for the many, like DSA chapters are doing all over the country.

If Eric Garcetti won’t recognize our demands, we’re going to make sure he feels just as vulnerable and attacked as the hundreds of thousands of Angelenos he’s decided aren’t worthy of basic human decency.

Get some rest, Eric. It’s gonna be a long summer.