COVID-19 Tenant Organizing Resources

Los Angeles is in crisis — and not just a public health crisis, but a deep economic crisis that is deepening the housing affordability and homelessness crises we've already been facing. Many of us have always been one paycheck away from losing our housing, and we are now losing work and facing housing insecurity. Many of us won't be able to pay our rent on May 1. 

But we are inspired by neighbors coming together to take collective action to demand rent cancellation, reduced payments, and more from their landlords in this crisis. This is an important step EVERYONE can take (whether you are able to pay your rent or not) to raise class consciousness and build worker/tenant power at a time when we need it most. Help us get organized and fill out this survey on your housing situation.

As organized socialists, we have a clear role to play in tenant struggles right now. During the Great Depression, the Communist Party organized growing ranks of unemployed workers into Unemployment Councils, putting pressure on the government to provide aid through massive rent strikes. They blocked the evictions of tens of thousands of tenants who could not pay rent, demanding work and home relief.

Today, capitalism is alienating enough as it is — now is the time to connect with your neighbors, build solidarity, and  fight for tenant power. Start by filling out this survey and DSA-LA tenant organizers will be in touch if you’re worried about paying your rent or mortgage or want to organize your building!

We've compiled some resources on how you can organize your fellow tenants and request a rent reduction or suspension, either on your own or (ideally) with your neighbors. 

For unhoused tenants, our Street Watch LA initiative is working in overdrive to distribute crucial supplies, such as handwashing stations, cell phone charging stations, hygiene and harm reduction supplies, tents, and food. Email to get involved, and donate to our fundraiser to support these efforts!

If you need immediate resources or support, email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.