Libertarian Socialist Caucus Voter Guide

Members of the Libertarian Socialist Caucus of Los Angeles (LSC-LA) have constructed this guide through careful deliberation and a commitment to horizontalism. In our discussions, we let our shared values and beliefs in socialism, solidarity, and freedom guide our decision making. We proudly have no master plan, but we are committed to maintaining our chapter’s unique and successful formation, building upward from a strong foundation of solidarity through which we can work to achieve socialism. Continue reading

Refoundation Caucus Voter Guide

As local members of Refoundation, we have developed voting recommendations for the proposed amendments at the Annual Convention. These are in line with our political aspirations for the chapter — our recommendations follow from a shared methodology, ideology and program. Refoundation is a national caucus seeking to consolidate the Marxist revolutionary left elements within DSA and is primarily oriented around a project of mass party-building. There are two identifiable through lines in our analyses of these proposals that can serve as an introduction. One is opposing a tendency towards structural solutions to political problems — there are a series of amendments that offer tweaks in the decision-making structure presumably in order to correct for some current deficiency. We consider most of these to be beside the point — that the current difficulties in the chapter stem from fundamental political underdevelopment that cannot be reduced to questions of organizational structure per se. By political underdevelopment, we mean a membership that is rarely required to identify, construct or advance a specific ideologically coherent political program — rather, a relatively depoliticized organization in which the politics of members remains unrefined and not deliberately cultivated. Continue reading

Steering Committee Analysis and Recommendations on Proposed Bylaws Amendments

A common motivation cited by members proposing amendments to the DSA-LA Bylaws for consideration at our first Annual Convention is a desire for more robust political debate and transparency. The Steering Committee shares this goal, as we hope to foster a more deliberative political culture throughout this Convention and beyond. As the highest legislative body of the local, the Annual Convention is a forum for members to democratically shape and refine our governing documents, and for many of us, it will be a first-time experience with the procedures and practices that go into a member-driven political organization. That's why the Steering Committee is kicking off the lead-up to the Convention by publishing a voter guide outlining our own recommendations and analyses for each proposed bylaws amendment. We encourage all members to join the debate and share their perspectives and analyses with comrades in advance of the Annual Convention. Submissions — for both member voter guides, commentary,  and amendments to amendments — can be made through this form. We will publish them alongside the Steering Committee analysis and recommendations on this page. Continue reading

Submit Your Analysis & Amendments to Amendments

If you'd like to submit arguments for and against the amendments and resolutions (on behalf of yourself or a group of members, such as a caucus or committee) — in addition to amendments to amendments — you may do so through this form. Continue reading