Committee & Working Group Platforms Have Been Ratified!

Over the last few weeks the Committee and Working Groups have been working tirelessly to draft platforms that not only have overwhelming support amongst their Committee and Working Group members, but the chapter as well! It is with immense joy that we announce that all the Committee and Working Group platforms have been ratified by the chapter with at least 91.9% approval from voters. 

All of the Committee and Working Group Platforms can be viewed by clicking here. These platforms now have meaningful political power within our chapter. They outline the scope of the work that our membership has approved for each group to engage in. When new initiatives are proposed they are evaluated within the scope of the platforms, initiatives that fit clearly within the purview of the ratified platforms can be approved without needing additional chapter-wide approval.

For more details on what happens if a proposed initiative does not fit within the scope of a committee or working group platform please review our Bylaws: Timeline & FAQ on Proposed Revisions & Expansions by clicking here.  

Congratulations again to all the members who contributed their time and thoughts to the Committee & Working Group Platforms and a sincere thank you to all our members who participated in the ratification process!