Climate Justice ally, Dr Loraine Lundquist

Statement in Support by Carol Newton

I support DSA-LA's endorsement of Dr. Loraine Lundquist. Loraine has been in the fight to close the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility since the blowout occurred in late 2015. Not only did the blowout affect residents of the Porter Ranch neighborhood, but we all breathed in the invisible methane fumes. Dr. Lundquist is a scientist - and it's critical for us to acknowledge her credentials because the science supports our Green New Deal commitment - she lectures at CSUN on sustainability from an academic foundation but with the passion of a mother who knows she must make her home safe and livable for her three children to survive.

She's also with us in our quest for affordable housing and for compassionate and just solutions to the homelessness so many people in Los Angeles experience. As we fight to prevent evictions and cruel rent increases by an antagonistic real estate bloc with support at City Hall, she will be right there with us.

While her Council district is in the northeast corner of LA, her strong voice for clean energy will help us push for meeting the targets needed in every Los Angeles neighborhood. She agrees with our call for less carbon in the air and keeping any facilities for mining and refining fossil fuels away from our homes, schools, parks and workplaces.

Our work for improved transit options to reduce the carbon emitted by personal transportation is also a key objective for Dr. Lundquist. With her passionate leadership Los Angeles can breakthrough to the promise of expanded and improved transportation options and real reductions of our long commutes and smoggy air.

Loraine will be looking for us to stay engaged with her work after the election, and our support will give us a prime opportunity to build the movement we need to create a future we can live with.

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