Canvass For Single Payer

Socialism is hard. We need to do the tough work. We need to be taking our transformative vision into the lives of our neighbors.

Join DSA-LA as we begin our next big step: Spreading Socialism door to door through Single Payer.

We believe in the power of personal connection. We believe that a simple conversation can change the world. Come help us, and together we will tear down the inhumane, For-Profit, healthcare industry. 


We will be canvassing Kevin De Leon's district, who is the State Senate President Pro Tempore. No matter what the pundits tell you, our Senators and Assemblymembers can be doing a lot more for SB-562 and Single Payer. We want our neighbors to be demanding it. We also want to show them that Socialists are fighting for them.


Specific Location TBA

(We will be doing a brief training session at 10:30. If you have already attended one of our training sessions, you can come closer to 11am, when we will be sending people out to canvass)

Will you come?