Upcoming Events

  • Art & Socialism Subcommittee Meeting

    • Saturday, September 28, 2019 at 5:00 PM
    The First Meeting of the Agit-Prop Committee's new Subcommittee will be a discussion of:
    Socialism and Popular Culture:
    a discussion of Stuart Hall's "Notes On Deconstructing the Popular"
    What is "popular culture" and how should socialists approach it? Is it simply a product of capitalism, and therefore beyond redemption, or does it also have potential for mass expression on the part of working and oppressed people? Come to the first meeting of the Art & Socialism Study Group (a project of DSA-LA's Agit-Prop Committee) where we'll be asking these questions and discussing Stuart Hall's "Notes on Deconstructing the Popular" to help us better understand art, culture, and their role in the struggle for socialism.
  • Central Branch Local Convention Phonebank

    • Sunday, September 29, 2019 at 2:00 PM
    • RSVP for Location
  • Food Not Bombs, LA

    Join Food Not Bombs in solidarity every Sunday at 2:30 p.m. to prepare delicious vegan stew for the communities of Pershing Square and Skid Row.

    The cook takes place in Silver Lake until 6:30.

    Then the team heads over to Pershing Sq. to serve food around 7:00 p.m.

    Around 8:00 p.m, volunteers typically go on to serve food at Skid Row, at 6th and Wall.

    Volunteers can jump in at any point. 

    For more information on LA Food Not Bombs, or on how to start a chapter in your own community: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Los-Angeles-Food-Not-Bombs-166038953457132/about/?ref=page_internal

  • Imperialism Study Series: America’s Ascent as an Imperial Power

    • Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 7:00 PM
    • UTLA in Los Angeles , CA

    DSA-LA’s Political Education Committee is proud to present Imperialism: A Study Series. Borrowing the structure from last year’s highly successful Class on Class, and building on key concepts introduced therein, this series examines the relationship between imperialism and capitalism as articulated by leftists thinkers from the 19th century through today.

    Imperialism: A Study Series is comprised of four modules, each distinct but expanding on the content provided by the others. Each module features a selection of readings and initial discussion questions, as well as an in-person class component where a short presentation is followed by ample opportunity to discuss, dissect, and debate concepts covered in facilitated group conversations.

    We hope that this series is welcoming to those curious about socialism and the historic, systemic violation of equality between proletarians around the world. Political education should not just act as a doorway to united class struggle, but a site to return to again and again for guidance in our organizing. Whether this is your first or fortieth time reading Lenin, we invite you to join us in conversation to understand, critique, and ultimately end imperial power relations.


    America’s Ascent as an Imperial Power: An examination of financialization and globalization

    Wednesday, October 2, 2019 —7 to 9 p.m.

    United Teachers Los Angeles / 3303 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010

    Today’s world is characterized by American domination and neoliberal hegemony—and imperialism remains a central component of capitalist power around the globe. In this module we will look at how increased globalization and financialization have changed the way empire is administered, and spend time comparing current left theories of imperialism to those of the past.

    The other three modules in this study series include:

    + Is Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism? Sept. 19th, 2019: RSVP

    + The National Question. October 17th, 2019: RSVP

    + Imperialism Today. October 30th, 2019: RSVP

  • Central Branch Local Convention Phonebank

    • Sunday, October 6, 2019 at 2:00 PM
    • RSVP for Location
  • Food Not Bombs, LA

  • Membership committee meeting - October

    All members are welcome!


    The mission of the Membership Committee is both internal and external. In our internal capacity, the Membership Committee will work to retain and activate existing members to contribute their time and skills to committee work, campaigns, direct actions and other DSA efforts. In our external capacity, we will develop and implement strategies, processes, and resources that will lead to growth in membership that better represents the working class of Los Angeles.


    Current projects include the Neighborhood Hangouts, the Branch Meeting Welcome Crews, Trainings, and Materials.


    Please bring snacks and drinks to share!


    We suggest you bring a laptop to the meeting, if you can. It makes it easier to follow along.


    There is a remote call-in option. Please RSVP and check your email.


    If you’re not receiving Membership committee emails, please sign-up here.


  • National Day of Action to Close the Camps

    • Saturday, October 12, 2019 at 11:00 AM
    • DTLA



    The Immigration Justice Committee of DSA-LA and coalition partners are joining together to demand that the state and corporate actors end upholding and profiting from immigrants and that the government Close the Camps.

    From the day he took office, Donald Trump has escalated a failed and cruel immigration policy into an all-out white supremacist imperialist war against immigrants and indigenous peoples, banning Muslims, slamming the door on refugees, tearing children from their parents' arms, targeting black and brown bodies for violence and abuse. This policy has a name: Genocide.

    Each new affront has been met with outrage and protest but even when he has retreated, Trump has sought new lines of attack: new bars to green cards and citizenship, workplace raids, deportations of people with cancer and other life threatening illnesses during their medical treatment, concentration camps.

    Meanwhile, immigrants of color are being terrorized in our own communities, afraid to answer the door, take children to school, or go to work. Our communities need to see and feel the solidarity of the majority that stands with us.

    We call on all those who oppose the raids, family separation, deportations and incarceration to unite against this reign of racist persecution.

    It is time to say, "¡Basta Ya!" Enough is enough!

    This indigenous people's day weekend let us act together --whether with a march, vigil, rally or direct action-- in solidarity to build a better world and against those who would give us a future of division and white supremacist hate.

    Let us unite in broad regional coalitions drawing together people of faith, unions, anti-nativist fighters and other progressives to target camps, jails, shelters or other parts of Trump's anti-immigrant, deportation machinery, including corporations profiting from the dehumanization of our communities.

    Let us act in the knowledge that no human being is illegal anywhere, not least in a country formed through violent colonialism that continues policies that create poverty, war, climate destruction, displacement and refugees. It is the artificial colonial borders that are illegitimate, not our people.

    Let us open our arms to immigrants and indigenous peoples in our country and at our borders with a greeting of friendship:

    Mi casa es tu casa.

    My home is also your home.


    ¡Alto a la guerra contra los inmigrantes y comunidades indígenas!

    Una llamada a protestar el 12 de octubre

    Unanse a la marcha en Los Angeles

    Sábado 12 de Octubre: Cierre a los Campos de Detención! Alto a las Redadas! No Más Deportaciones! Alto a la Complicidad del Alguacil con ICE y la Migra!

    11am. Marcha a la estación del Alguacil y al Metropolitan Detention Center.

    Desde que asumió la presidencia, Donald Trump ha transformado lo que ya era una cruel y fracasada política migratoria en una guerra imperialista y supremacista blanca contra los inmigrantes y la gente indígena, prohibiendo visas para los musulmanes, tirándole la puerta en la cara a los refugiados, arrancando niños de los brazos de sus padres, y atacando a personas de color con violencia y abuso. Esta política tiene una nombre: el genocidio.

    Cada afrenta ha provocado indignación y protestas, pero incluso cuando el presidente parecía retroceder, todavía buscaba nuevas líneas de ataque: campos de concentración, redadas en las fábricas, más trabas para obtener la residencia legal, y deportaciones de personas con cáncer y otras enfermedades serias.

    Muchos inmigrantes de color se sienten aterrorizados, con temor al responder a la puerta, llevar a los niños a la escuela, o salir a trabajar. Nuestras comunidades inmigrantes necesitan ver y sentir la solidaridad del pueblo de Estados Unidos, que en su mayoría los apoya. Convocamos a todos los que se oponen a las redadas, a la separación de familias, al encarcelamiento y a las deportaciones a que nos unamos en contra de esta persecución racista.

    Es hora de decir ¡basta ya!

    Actuemos juntos el 12 de Octubre, Día de los Pueblos Originarios, con marchas, vigilias, mítines y acciones directas en solidaridad para crear un mundo mejor y en contra de quienes nos darían un futuro de supremacía blanca y odio.

    Unámonos en coaliciones que junten a inmigrantes, religiosos, sindicatos, luchadores contra la xenofobia y otros sectores progresistas para actuar contra los campos de concentración, cárceles, albergues y otras partes de la maquinaria anti-inmigrante, incluyendo las corporaciones que benefician de la deshumanización de nuestras comunidades..

    Actuemos firmes en la convicción de que ningún ser humano es ilegal en cualquier parte del mundo, mucho menos en este país producto de la violencia y el colonialismo que continúa una política que crea la pobreza, la Guerra, la destrucción del clima, desplazamiento y refugiados.

    Sobre todo, abramos nuestros brazos a los inmigrantes y la gente indígena en la frontera o dentro del país con un saludo tradicional que adquiere nuevo sentido:

    Mi casa es su casa.

    Aquí todos tenemos derecho a vivir.



  • Central Branch Local Convention Phonebank

    • Sunday, October 13, 2019 at 2:00 PM
    • RSVP for Location
  • Food Not Bombs, LA