Why DSA-LA Should Endorse Steve Dunwoody, From an AD-54 Resident

Steve Dunwoody is a fantastic candidate that would give DSA-LA a voice at the state level, and his campaign provides the chapter an opportunity to engage members locally.

As a resident of the 54th State Assembly District, I am excited about the prospect of DSA-LA endorsing Steve Dunwoody. I think this would be an extremely beneficial and worthwhile campaign for the chapter to be involved in.

I strongly believe that Steve would be an incredibly ally in the state assembly. Much of what the chapter is working on is represented in his campaign positions. Moreover, many of these are issues that can be addressed at the state level. Costa-Hawkins is a state law and SB 562 was held up in the state assembly, just to point out a pair of campaigns DSA-LA is involved in. While Steve would only be one of 80 state assembly members if he were elected, he would champion positions we hold as a chapter in a district that encompasses much of Los Angeles.

If Steve Dunwoody were to be elected, DSA-LA would have an ear in the state assembly. His campaign has actively sought our support, and we have an opportunity to play a critical role. If our chapter were to aid in a victory, DSA-LA would be in position to work with Dunwoody during his time in office. Additionally, we have a chance to influence a candidate at the beginning of his electoral career. This could wind up being more than just a state assembly seat.

As a resident of West Los Angeles, I have been excited about Steve Dunwoody’s candidacy for months. It provides an avenue for me to advocate for DSA-LA and leftist policy positions in a very local way. I have met more and more members who live in the district recently, and their interest seems to pique when learning about the potential to get involved in their neighborhoods. Steve Dunwoody, in addition to being an excellent candidate, gives DSA-LA an opportunity to activate its many members in the district. The chapter would be able to use this as a platform both to engage new members and recruit new ones.

Finally, I think this campaign gives DSA-LA the chance to learn about and be actively involved in local politics. This is an invaluable opportunity for members to learn the details of electoral politics, from canvassing to phone banking and much more. Experience like this is critical going forward for DSA-LA to become a political force in the city.

There are myriad reasons for DSA-LA to support Steven Dunwoody. He’s a fantastic, leftist candidate that can give the chapter a political voice at the state level. The campaign gives members in the 54th Assembly District a concrete way to represent the organization’s values locally. As a resident who has been excited about doing just that, I advocate for the chapter as a whole to endorse this proposal.