ACCESS Bowl-A-Thon

DSA-LA Women Strike!




The Democratic Socialists of America-LA believes that in order to achieve full autonomy for all people, everyone should have guaranteed access to health care, including abortion.

Why We Bowl

We believe that health care is a human right, not a commodity. We know that full liberation is only possible when all people have full agency over their bodies, including people who decide abortion is the right choice for them. 

Women, particularly women of color and poor women, have regularly faced government intrusion in their health care and family planning decisions. Although Roe v Wade gave women the legal right to an abortion in 1973, we've seen the limit of naming abortion a right when most people can't afford access to the procedure or are denied access to a wide range of meaningful, culturally competent family planning services. 

This means that DSA-LA is dedicated to Reproductive justice, a concept that moves beyond simply declaring that women have a legal right to an abortion. Reproductive justice recognizes that bodily autonomy (the idea that all people should have agency over what happens to their own body) is intimately linked to broader economic conditions which enable people to not have  children or have children. As socialists, we believe the decision to have an abortion or raise a family should be made free of any economic or social coercion. 

More broadly, we stand with all communities who have been denied their right to bodily autonomy at the hands of medical, economic, governmental, or juridical power. We stand against  a society in which male dominance and heterosexuality are the norm and women do not control their own bodies. 

Please join us in pooling our resources together to help fund the only clinic in Central Los Angeles that provides surgical abortions for their patients.  


Women Strike! DSA-LA

  • May 07, 2017 at 4pm to 6pm