Support Sen. Sanders

Position: Support  
Statement By: Bill Kelley

Before Sen. Sanders last run, the idea that candidates would be discussing (much less supporting) universal health care or regulating Wall Street was unlikely. And, of course, not all declared candidates do. He's been at the forefront of most progressive ideas and solutions. Instead of complaining about the current president, he has spent his time working for Americans (The increase in minimum wage at Amazon, etc.) The age argument doesn't hold up. Health of a candidate should matter. But saying Sen. Sanders is too old is, to me, another form of bigotry. Also, if age was so important, then we should be pleased to have someone in office who is five years younger than Sen. Sanders. This endorsement isn't a reward for what he did in 2016. It's the result of what I believe Sen. Sanders will do if elected in 2020.