Bernie 2020 Sub-Committee Strategy & Operations Meeting

ATTENTION: Meeting location has changed. Meeting will now be held at Coco's Bakery. See new address below

At the last committee meeting we voted to create a Bernie 2020 proposal to submit to chapter for a chapter-wide vote. This proposal is intended to provide guidance on the chapter's Bernie 2020 work until we can vote on a resolution at the local convention. We plan to discuss and consolidate people's proposed amendments to the proposal at this meeting. If you want to have a role in this process, make sure you are at this meeting! Please bring a laptop so you can follow along as we review the proposal

If you are not on the email list and would like to review and comment on the proposal, please email

The existence of this sub-committee does not indicate endorsement of Bernie Sanders by the Los Angeles chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. This sub-committee's existence and operations will be overruled by any relevant priority resolution passed by the chapter.

Will you come?