Film Showing: WAYS OF SEEING Parts 1 & 2

Film Showing: "Ways Of Seeing," Parts 1 and 2

Friday, February 21st


The Animation Guild

1105 N Hollywood Way, Burbank  

How does capitalism manipulate the image for its benefit? Do socialists have a different take? What does it mean to approach art for the sake of liberation rather than profit? "Ways of Seeing," a documentary in four short parts by radical art critic and novelist John Berger, takes on these questions. Made in the 1970s for the BBC, "Ways of Seeing" is even more relevant now in the age of social media, when pictures and gestures can be twisted round to mean their exact opposite. 
DSA-LA's Agit-Prop committee and Art & Socialism subcommittee is showing this documentary with the hope of deepening radicals' understanding of art and politics. We will be watching the first two parts of the documentary (each about a half hour) followed by a discussion, with the second two parts shown next week. Those who want to watch ahead can find all four parts on YouTube. The book version, building on the documentary is also available.

Will you come?