DSA is its own org separate from Bernie

Position: Opposed  
Statement By: Angel Castillo

While many current DSA members were inspired to being their radicalization by Bernie Sanders' 2016 campaign, DSA's greatest strength is its ability to use electoralism to reach out to people and then channel them into other projects outside of the electoral system that help build communities and movements. I don't criticize any socialist whose praxis includes electoralism or think anyone is wrong to be excited about Bernie's campaign. However, Bernie will have his own campaign infrastructure, and no doubt the support of plenty of other specifically Bernie/Dem-aligned organizations like Our Revolution or Indivisible. I think there will be plenty of efforts organized outside DSA that members, should they be so inclined, should support and participate in, but to make a Bernie campaign specifically part of DSA-LA's local organizing is just going to spread people who are already spread thin even thinner. I believe there are more strategically beneficial ways we can present ourselves as aligned with the values that make Bernie appealing to the working class without just becoming an organ for his campaign.