Against Socialist Missionaries

Statement by Alyssa Emiko
Position: Opposed

We don't need a food bank, we need Socialism.

I disagree vehemently with the Food for Solidarity proposal. My opposition is based on my experience having lived in various degrees of poverty for the entirety of my adult life. While this isn’t something I enjoy bringing up publicly, as it is a great source of embarrassment and anxiety for me, for the purposes of this statement, I felt that it was important that I be 100% clear where my point of view comes from.

Food for Solidarity is a charity. Furthermore, it is a charity that seems to assume that the organizers in charge are the charity recipients social betters, since they have decided to continue with their proposal despite negative responses from the community. While I understand that there were probably good intentions behind this idea initially, it very much rubs me the wrong way. Especially in comparing themselves to the Black Panther Party; it’s like there is this notion that these DSA members will swoop in, give out cans of fruit salad to low income families, and become folk heroes or something. The reality of the situation is that one would probably be able to draw more parallels between FFS and the Catholic missionaries in early California.

It is disheartening when people that call themselves socialists perpetuate the class ideas of capitalist society. It is offensive when they do it and assume that they are doing people a favor.