All Out at the Police Commission with Black Lives Matter

Content Warning: Police Violence, Racial Violence

This past Wednesday, August 14th, the Los Angeles Police Department in Venice shot an unarmed and unhoused black man named John Penny over cries of appeal from his neighbors and other witnesses.

The LAPD claim that Penny was “armed” with a glass bottle. Luckily, he survived.

For the past 96 weeks, DSA-LA’s Prison Abolition Committee has joined its allies, Black Lives Matter - Los Angeles, White People 4 Black Lives, Centro CSO, Ground Game LA, the American Indian Movement, March & Rally Los Angeles, the Black Lives Matter LA Youth Vanguard, California for Progress, National Lawyers Guild Los Angeles Chapter, and more, alongside the families of those who have been murdered by the Los Angeles Police and Sherrifs Departments to demand the resignation of Los Angeles District Attorney, Jackie Lacey. 

Over 535 Los Angeles residents have been murdered by the city’s cops since Jackie Lacey took office in December 2012. In that time, almost nine years, despite the dizzying number of state sanctioned deaths, Lacey has chosen to prosecute only one officer during her tenure.

This is why we join the coalition in saying #JackieLaceyMustGo! 

And this is why we’re calling you and all out to join us this Tuesday, August 20th, 9:00 a.m. at the Los Angeles Police Commission to demand justice for John Penny. #BlackLivesMatter! #RSVP

Our Prison Abolition Committee also holds its regular monthly meeting the day before the Police Commission does: Monday, the 19th. Join us if you can.

And the day after the Police Commission? PrisonAbo will join these same L.A. allies on the steps of the Hall of “Justice” downtown at 211 W Temple St. from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. to say #ByeJackie: RSVP now for the 96th iteration of this weekly action. 

Will you come?