Endorse Nationally- but Organize Locally

Position: Support  
Statement By: Alexander Ferrer

The Bernie Sanders campaign of 2016 changed the political landscape of the American left, and grew our membership immensely. For this, and because of Bernie’s position as the only self identifying Democratic Socialist in the democratic primary, he should recieve our endorsement and support. Nonetheless, Bernie’s campaign is well resourced and well supported. This is not the case for many of our comrades who constitute the real power of our movement- those running for school boards, city councils, state assebly seats, and House of Representatives seats. We cannot build a sustainable movement from the top down we must focus on building institutional power locally. The radical backlash to Amazon in New York’s successful halting of HQ2 was due to these subnational actors. Every seat taken from a corporate democrat in a city council has the effect of creating an infrastructure and pipeline for socialist candidates, advancing socialist priorities, and empowering communities to free themselves from corporate subjugation.