A Letter To Senator Feinstein

Senator Feinstein:

You have, on several occasions, openly stated that you do not support single-payer healthcare. You’re “not there yet.” Now, at a time when tens of millions of lives hang in the balance, a Republican colleague - Senator Daines of Montana - is forcing you and other Democrats to ‘show your hand’ to the world. As your constituents and people who will be affected by the horrid GOP legislation being discussed, we implore you to openly state a position on single-payer healthcare. This is a platform that has worked in every developed country around the world - and could even plausibly be enacted at your own state’s level given the size of its economy on a global scale. If you seek to represent your California constituency, now is the time to stand up and show both your Republican colleagues and those at home who rely on your governance that you are on the moral side of history.

We know what the GOP is trying to do with this ploy - proposing single-payer without an intent on passage - yet the issue at hand is one which you and your party must be pushing every step of the way in any conversation involving healthcare. You’ve now been afforded the opportunity to do so. The red carpet has been rolled out for you by the opposition, and we demand you take this opportunity to voice your SUPPORT FOR SINGLE PAYER HEALTHCARE. If you fail us in this moment, we suggest you prepare to suffer the same electoral primary fate as Senator Daines and his GOP colleagues, when whatever disastrous healthcare legislation they’re involved in comes to pass.


The Healthcare Committee of DSA-LA