2019 DSA-LA Annual Convention Review

    On October 2019, Los Angeles saw the largest gathering of socialists at the 2019 DSA-LA Annual Convention. Members from all over the county gathered to elect our chapter’s 3 major, long term political priorities. After debating and voting, DSA-LA members chose to adopt the following three resolutions as Chapter Resolutions:

  1. Bringing an Ecosocialist Green New Deal to Los Angeles
  2. Supporting DSA-LA for Bernie 2020 Working Group
  3. Organizing for All

What do the 3 Chapter Resolutions all mean?

    According to the Bylaws, Chapter Resolutions are:

    “... time-bound, large-scale structural and/or campaign-based initiatives that require major Local resources. Chapter Resolutions must adhere to these Bylaws and shall be undertaken over the course of the year following their adoption by the Annual Convention.”

    This means that, at least up until our next Annual Convention, our chapter has voted to dedicate resources to:

  • Bringing an Ecosocialist Green New Deal to Los Angeles. Some key features of this resolution include:
    • Upholding and expanding upon congresspersons’ Alexandria Ocasio-Córtez & Ed Markey proposed Green New Deal in Los Angeles.
    • Ensuring that the implementation of Green New Deal policies take on an intersectional approach & just transition by involving a coalition of organizations including unions, tenants and environmental justice groups.
    • Community outreach & base building activities by organizing around climate justice issues at the neighborhood level. Members will be able to organize teach-ins, forums, and more to push a Green New Deal in their own backyards.
  • Supporting DSA-LA for Bernie 2020 Working Group. Some key features of this resolution include:
    • continuing the work DSA-LA for Bernie 2020 Working Group has undertaken. Click here if you would like to join their email list.
    • creating a more integrated chapter by connecting members who have joined our DSA-LA via our Bernie work to other, interconnected work that our chapter engages in.
    • a DSA-LA Bernie+ Campaign that will fold down-ballot candidates into the overall Bernie canvassing effort.
  • Organizing for all. Some Key features of this resolution include:
    • Creating a task force comprising representatives from some of our internal resource committees (detailed in the resolution) in order to increase accessibility, create anti-oppressive organizing spaces, and facilitate introductory trainings on socialism - among other goals.
    • Intentionally tackle imbalances in the membership through various means including expanded efforts to improve our language accessibility, in compliance with National Resolution 6.
    • Increasing the amount of resources dedicated to achieving the various goals of our Mutual Aid, Membership, Agitation & Propaganda, Political Education, and Branch Local Subgroups.

     Additionally, our membership voted on various proposals to modify the DSA-LA Bylaws. The updated version of the bylaws can be seen here. Some of the highlights on the latest version of our Bylaws include Branches as official Local Subgroups, a modified chapter-wide decision making process, synchronized Local Subgroup Officer Elections, & modified Local Subgroup requirements. To get a better picture of all of these changes, please check out our handy-dandy Bylaws changes explainer.

    Anyone who missed the convention or sent a proxy voter can relive the experience by checking out the 2019 DSA-LA Annual Convention Minutes. Lastly, you can check out the Annual Convention Member Kit to see which items were adopted (or not), in their amended forms.