190814 UCLA Med Center Residents

The UCLA Residents Union Organizing Committee, representing over 1,200 doctors-in-training in the Committee of Interns & Residents, a local of SEIU, would like to invite you to support this action, a rally outside of Ronald Reagan Medical Center.

The UCLA Residents are currently in negotiations over their first contract, and they are pushing for fair compensation, protecting their health insurance benefits, and basic union rights to access their workplace and receive due process of disciplinary and harassment issues.

Many of the residents work around 80 hours a week, and spend up to half of their income on rent. Their employers have fought hard to force them to accept compensation dwarfed by rising costs of living, and to contribute more for their health care despite the fact that many residents have severe difficulties making time to see doctors on their own.

Moreover they have consistently refused to meet and discuss with the residents over their concerns that UCLA systematically discriminates against working people by refusing to accept the uninsured or MediCal recipients as patients.

Will you come?