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These groups meet regularly and work to organize and mobilize around thematic issues.

The Climate Justice Committee of DSA-LA recognizes the current moment as an historical apex; one that must end with the dismantling of capitalism as well as the reconstitution of society and its relationship to the Earth. In our dedication to a politics that places people and the planet before profit, the Climate Justice Working Group of DSA-LA will work to agitate, educate and organize on the local, state and national levels for an ecosocialist future in which democracy and equity are united with sustainability. You can reach DSA-LA's Climate Justice organizers at

The DSA-LA Healthcare Committee seeks to achieve a socialist health care system, clear from profit motives, as a human/moral right for all.

Given Los Angeles’s persistent housing crisis and capital’s return to the city’s urban cores, we do not view housing access and protections, rising rents, land speculation, environmental degradation, and homelessness as discrete issues. Rather, they are bound intimately together, each amplifying the others and creating stark, tangible manifestations of the ways capitalism displaces and dispossesses our communities.

  • Labor: labor(at)

The Committee is dedicated to developing worker consciousness and solidarity, both within our chapter and among the greater Los Angeles community. At the national level, the Committee also works in conjunction with the Democratic Socialist Labor Commission (DSLC), a network of DSA committees, working groups, and other bodies that formally interacts with other organizations that belong to or support the labor movement.

  • #HollywoodLabor: hollywoodlabor(at)

#HollywoodLabor is a subcommittee of the DSA-LA Labor Committee. Comprised of a small group of workers who currently make their living in the entertainment industry, #HollywoodLabor includes rank and file union members and unrepresented workers, freelancers, actors, writers, editors, technicians and directors. #HollywoodLabor organizes events that address industry issues and workers’ needs, and aims to fight workplace injustice through education, organizing, and advocating to shift industry standards and workplace policy throughout Hollywood.

The DSA-LA Prison Abolition Committee works toward a future of total prison abolition, which entails the abolition of all forms of the carceral state, including policing as well as public and private prisons. We work toward building well informed and researched alternatives that foster a fair and equal society that come in many forms: rehabilitation, medical and mental care, health care in the form of food, housing, physical and community support. We wish to collectively demystify the idea of prison abolition and work toward a future void of punitive and vindictive justice where every person's humanity is realized.

The Immigration Justice Committee fights to organize and support the self-organization of immigrant communities as a central struggle in the larger fight against capitalism.

The aim of the Religious Socialism Committee is to foster democratic socialism along existing faith networks by connecting religious leaders and communities with organizers and activists by doing good works in the company of those of differing faith with unifying purpose.

Internal Resource Committees

These groups exist to collect skills and knowledge to strengthen all of DSA-LA’s committees and campaigns and meet regularly to work on relevant projects.

The DSA-LA Agitation and Propaganda (Agit-Prop) committee is dedicated to furthering the goals and work of DSA-LA and it’s committees and working groups. As democratic socialists we recognize that everyone is a product of the oppressive and capitalist system they were raised in, and that countering the narrative of the capitalist hegemony is a key step towards building a more just world.  

The mission of the Membership Committee is internal and external. In our internal capacity, the Membership Committee will work to retain and activate existing members to contribute their time and skills to committee work, campaigns, direct actions and other DSA efforts. Our external mission is to develop and implement strategies, processes and resources that will lead to growth in membership, particularly organizing new members not well-represented within the current membership.

Mutual aid is a voluntary exchange of resources and services for the mutual benefit of all people involved. It involves comrades coming together to work as equals for the common good by assessing what people need and what people can provide. Mutual aid projects come from and are run by the community rather than nonprofit workers, foundations, or charity programs created by the ruling classes. No one is made to feel inferior for receiving help, as it is fundamentally an organic and egalitarian social relationship, not a material one based on hierarchy, and everyone provides what they can rather than separating into “givers” and “receivers.”

As our local has grown and continues to, many people of varying backgrounds and interests have taken up the task of Doing Research for their working group, caucus, committee, and/or campaigns that they are working with. This research has been absolutely vital to our success so far, and will grow in importance as we take on bigger and bolder campaigns as DSA Los Angeles, and in partnership with other organizations.

The Anti-Oppression Committee works to make our chapter and all work carried forth by DSA-LA just, representative, and liberatory. The committee addresses the myriad ways people are pitted against one another through ideologies of racism, sexism, transphobia, heterosexism, ageism, and xenophobia. We research anti-oppressive resources, develop workshops, and convene Quarterly Chapter Culture Forums to address chapter-based and societal issues related to systemic oppressions. For those interested in this committee as well as caucuses related to these issues, please read our platform, and contact us at the email above.

The Electoral Politics Committee of DSA-LA exists to help the chapter gain the power and knowledge necessary to work towards and realize its various goals using the existing power of the state as channeled through elected office.

Capitalism has taught us that a society structured around an endless quest for profit and the pursuit of individual self interest is natural; as socialists, we identify capitalism as the artificially imposed set of relations that it is. The Political Education Committee seeks to challenge what is understood to be “common sense” under capitalism and offer ongoing opportunities to expand our collective understanding of socialist concepts, histories, and strategies.

Campaign Working Groups

These groups exist to organize on an ongoing basis around a specific campaign or set of policy demands. They are often closely related to existing issue-based committees, but meet slighlty more frequently.

The NOlympics LA Coalition is changing the conversation on an LA 2024 2028 Olympics, because the Olympics destroy communities and kill cities. Regardless of how “successfully” they are executed, these “Games” will expose tens of thousands of our fellow Angelenos to incalculable risk and feed the problems which are already devastating and destroying the fabric of our communities today, while depriving us of the resources we need to make the city better. Our goal is still to stop the Olympics.

Neighborhood Hangouts

These are contact email addresses for the hosts of our regular neighborhood hangouts around Los Angeles.

  • Downtown LA: downtownla(at)

  • Northeast LA: northeastla(at)

  • Westside: westside(at)

  • Pasadena: pasadena(at)


These are contact email addresses for elected leadership of DSA LA

  • Steering Committee: steeringcommittee(at)

  • Communications Secretary: communications(at)

  • YDSA Coordinator: ydsa(at)

  • Treasurer: treasurer(at)