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Nov 28
DSA-LA Mutual Aid Meeting

Tuesday, November 28 at 6:30 pm

6:30 pm

at Echo Park

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Dec 2
DSA-LA Resist Gentrification Action Summit

Saturday, December 2 at 8:00 am

8:00 am

at Audubon Middle School

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Dec 3
NLG Know Your Rights Presentation

Sunday, December 3 at 4:00 pm

4:00 pm

at National Lawyers Guild

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Democratic Socialists of America - Los Angeles

Democratic Socialists of America - Los Angeles Chapter seeks to create a system based on justice and equality for all people. We believe everyone deserves to live their own life with dignity. We work to equalize political and economic power, because true democracy cannot coexist with inequality. We urgently fight to stop the many crises facing our most powerless members of society.

We are not a political party. We are a coalition of people, united to create a more powerful front against the worst that capitalism has to offer.

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For Press & Other Inquiries please email us: democraticsocialistsla@gmail.com